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Eidi Properties Is One Of The Largest Privately Owned Real Estate Investment Firms

June 23, 2015
Ramy Eidi has been able to work in the field of commercial real estate revitalization for many years. He has long had a reputation for being able to find the diamonds in the rough—the commercial real estate properties that are not currently worth much but which can result in massively boosted values after a little investment. Ramy Eidi has spent more than fifteen years building his company, Eidi Properties, into a powerhouse in the real estate markets in Southwest Ohio, Northwest Ohio, and Southeast Michigan.

Eidi Properties is today one of the largest privately owned real estate investment firms in the state of Ohio and is constantly growing. It has gone through several expansions and today holds a portfolio that consists of more than one-million square feet of retail property. The company has grown significantly through smart growth strategies, good management, and proper planning.